Panasonic Express P2 Card B Series

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Memory Card "expressP2 card" B Series


Highly reliable, professional memory cards for 4K/high-speed frame rate recording with the VariCam Series

AU-XP0256BG (256GB)
AU-XP0512BG (512GB)

Memory Card "expressP2 card" B series

The new expressP2 card B Series enables even faster data transfer speeds. And a new card with 512 GB, twice the capacity of previous models, also joins the line-up.
The card B Series supports high-quality, high-frame-rate recording of 4K/120 fps and HD/240 fps with the VariCam Series.

Recording/Playback Time*3

Recording Video FormatAU-XP0256BGAU-XP0512BG
AVC-Intra4K444 (24p) Approx. 45 min Approx. 90 min
AVC-Intra4K422 (VFR ON, 50 fps/60 fps) Approx. 36 min Approx. 72 min
AVC-Intra4K422 (VFR OFF, 24p) Approx. 90 min Approx. 180 min
AVC-Intra4K-LT (VFR ON, 100 fps/120 fps) Approx. 32 min Approx. 64 min
AVC-Intra100 (VFR ON, 100 fps/120 fps) Approx. 64 min Approx. 128 min
ProRes 422 HQ*4 (VFR ON, 60 fps) Approx. 60 min Approx. 120 min
AVC-Intra100, (VFR ON, 200 fps/240 fps) Approx. 32 min Approx. 64 min

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